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Time Proven Therapy Treatments for Anger Related Disorders

anger disorder treatment therapies

When choosing a treatment for an anger disorder it is important to remember that everyone’s mind is different and one glove will not fit all.

Perhaps the most important step to take is to confirm whether you truly suffer from any disorder at all. You must then consult a very qualified physician or psychiatrist on what strategy will suite you best.

Cautionary note, should your psychiatrist start off a conversation from psychotropic medication it is our advice to run, not walk.

It is quite possible that given your present condition you may need certain drugs to stabilize your mind, but we truly believe there is no good reason whatsoever not try the therapies listed below first.  Any psychiatrist or therapist who recommends drugs first is simply competent and is only serving the agenda of pharmaceutical companies.

Your next step should be determining what should be the target of therapy [click to continue…]

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Does chewing, nose sniffing, throat clearing, pen clicking, finger tapping propel your mind to instant rage? Misophonia, aka “Sound Rage Disorder,” aka Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome (SSSS) is a neurological disorder in which anger, hatred, and disgust are triggered by specific sounds.

When to most people these particular sounds and visuals are barely background noise, to Misophoniacs these sounds and visuals trigger severe and immediate mental agony and set off a physiological urgency for fight or flight.

There is hardly any research on the topic. Its not even clear how common it is. Various research report prevalence of anywhere from 10% to as much as 60% among those who also suffer from tinnitus, or “ringing in the ear.”

What’s becoming more obvious is its coincidence with other anxiety disorders. There are reports that [click to continue…]

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Anger Disorder Symptoms

anger disorder symptoms checklistDealing with anger disorder symptoms can be challenging and life altering. It can often lead to a variety of other problems, such as ruined personal relationships, loss of employment, or trouble with substance abuse or the law. There is a number of symptoms that might be useful in determining whether you or someone you know has an anger disorder. This is a brief guide to understanding and recognizing a few such symptoms, some of which are reason enough to seek the help of a trained medical professional.  

Five Major Anger Disorder Symptoms

• Are you angry for no apparent reason? If you become angry suddenly without any provocation, or during a time in which others might have no emotion or positive emotions, then you might want to seek help to determine if you have an anger  disorder.

• Is your angry disproportionate to the situation? Some disorders are also characterized by instances of explosive anger which are disproportionate to the particular situation. Often trivial or minor things can trigger rage in those that suffer from an anger related condition, such as chasing someone down for cutting you off on the road or yelling at someone in a store for skipping ahead in line.

• Are you ever surprised by how angry you sometimes become? Have you become angry, and then realized afterward that you scared even yourself by just how enraged you actually were? This is classic symptom of an anger disorder. Most who are affected by it will become so agitated that they do things for which they wouldn’t normally ever dream of doing, like harming someone else or saying things they don’t mean.

• Do people you know tend to avoid you? As a result of an anger disorder, you may have had [click to continue…]

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The Amazing Mechanics of Anger Addiction

Almost everyone knows someone who seems to have a perpetual crisis going on, erupting in anger and causing meaningless drama everywhere they go. It’s as if they have enjoy getting angry.  One begs the question: can anger be addictive? Anger addiction is a rather new notion but not a far-fetched one. Research shows it can start developing [Continue reading...]

Coping with Bipolar Disorder and Anger

If you are living with bipolar disorder, you know how greatly the symptoms can affect your life. As a result of it, you must have experienced a dramatic change in your personal relationships or have even been unable to hold a job due to sudden and uncontrollable emotions. Possibly the most damaging symptom of bipolar disorder [Continue reading...]

How Unmanaged Anger Can Leave You Sick and Exhausted

anger disorders and heart desease

By now you know that a “fight or flight” reaction is hardwired into us to address perceived perils to our survival. Under pressure, our system secretes hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, that accelerate the heart tempo and the respiratory system. At the same time, the process endows us with a burst of super power [Continue reading...]

Five Main Anger Disorders To Be Aware Of

Did you know one third of adults say they feel angry almost every day and are worried they are suffering from one of the anger disorders?  Three-quarters of us feel irritated (which is, after all, a feeling of mild angry) several times each week.  Typically, it is said that anger is a "normal" emotional state which everyone [Continue reading...]

If you or someone you know is one of the more than 16 million Americans who deals with Intermittent Explosive Disorder (also known as Explosive Anger Disorder), then you know how greatly if effects the day to day lives of those afflicted by it. Here's a brief guide to understanding Intermittent Explosive Disorder, as well [Continue reading...]

More than often signs of any sort of mental condition can be difficult to decipher.  Watch these educational videos related to anger disorders and see whether you recognize the patterns in yourself or others.  It is advisable not jump to conclusions based on the information you hear on the web. Should you have any questions [Continue reading...]

Are Anger Disorders Real or a Total Myth?

When it comes to science of anger disorders, no instruments truly exit that can asses this mental condition as a clinical disorder. To make matters worse, there is currently little agreement among mental health practitioners as to what constitutes an anger problem and there is not even a commonly accepted definition of anger itself.   [Continue reading...]

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